About Me


“…i am active brain
and lip smacking peach deep
sometimes too aggressive in its honesty
and heart sweet
that loves wholly and completely…”
–jill s.

::i dedicate this–or blame this on–the many who lovingly told me to get my yap out their newsfeeds::

About Me: 

law/public policy student; sister-warrior; a woman of faith; independent thinker; hip-hop head; southern belle with cosmopolitan sensibilities; skeptical about excesses of power; love is my politics.

my evolving womanism is loving, peace-seeking, truth-honoring, accountability-demanding, hip-hop and the blues, with a side of funk; fierce, gentle, and sexy…

About this Blog:  was told my facebook statuses should be a blog; i listened. this has now become the baby that keeps me sane. hoping to create a space for loving, critical, creative thought.  join me on this journey.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Candace – I have loved reading your posts on FB and am really looking forward to your blog.

    (Sarah’s step-mom)

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